Quirk of the Month: Korea’s Teddy Bear Shop

Before the Teddy Bear Museum moved from N Seoul Tower to Mt. Seorak’s Del Pino Resort, my family and I caught a glimpse of it during our trip to Korea last year. Too bad it was late at night, and our tour guide gave us less than an hour to explore. With limited time to explore, we settled for the Teddy Bear Shop, where—you guessed it—shelves of plush teddy bear souvenirs were displayed in all their cuteness.

My younger sister, Karen, gave in and purchased teddy bear mittens and an apron for her bakeshop. As for me, the self-proclaimed kitsch collector, I didn’t spend a penny. There was a teddy bear print backpack that reminded me of my favorite ’90s school bag, but it was priced higher than the average Uniqlo coat! Teddy Bears are more of my sister’s thing anyway.

If it were a Hello Kitty or Snoopy store, then this blog post would have a bigger gallery and endless gushing. Any teddy bear collectors out there?

January 28, 2015