Kate was here.

Boulder Beach: The Power of Gray

Do you believe in the healing powers of stones and crystals? Certain colors supposedly give off vibes that interact with the one holding it or the one closest to the stone. Metaphysicians say that gray symbolizes security, maturity, and practicality. You add gray in your life if you want a neutral, non-evasive feeling and to feel detached or isolated.

When my group of 19 stopped at Valugan Boulder Beach in Batanes, I watched as everyone naturally dispersed to find his or her place on the beach—some by the water, while others perched on top of gray stones.

Kate was here.

“In 400 AD, Mt. Iraya erupted and scattered andesite rocks around the northern half of Batan, which is now Basco, from the fiery guts of the earth. The mighty wind from the Pacific [sic] pushing the waves to lap the rough rocks, polishing it in the process. The result: a boulder beach that we call now Valugan,” Yoshke Dimen wrote in The Poor Traveler.


The Valugan Boulder Beach along Contra Costra Road was formed after Mt. Iraya erupted in 400 AD. This caused the rocks to scatter around Batanes.

Swimming is prohibited on this beach because the powerful waves can violently slam your body onto the rocks. But violence was the last vibe I got from that place.