My Space: BW Concept Space

Did you ever watch Silicon Valley documentaries? Did you ever wish you worked in non-traditional offices, like those featured in listicles such as “World’s Coolest Offices?”

When my friend Danda asked me to visit her office in Singapore CBD a few weeks ago, I expected to just grab coffee at a café nearby. Instead I was treated to a tour of BW Concept Space, one of the coolest office spaces I’d ever seen.

“This is an office?” I said in disbelief when Danda showed me her workspace, a table under a sunlit spot that looked like an interactive furniture store. Her coworkers each had their own spot around the vicinity, but were free to move around as they pleased.

This is not a mall or café; it’s BW’s cool office space.
Studies say that an office’s environment plays a big factor in their employee’s performance.
BW’s Club House café

There’s Club House, a co-working space where I spotted many of BW’s employees and a hip café that serves coffee, cold-pressed juices, and smoothies. A few steps away is Club Meatballs, a restaurant and wine bar. Then there’s Club BW, a boardroom and dining area for their employees. All three spots are interconnected. There are other nooks and crannies to discover, like BW’s stationery shop. Both clients and the public can come in to work, wine, and dine.

Club Meatball’s wine bar
Cold brew, anyone?
Cheesecake in a jar from Club Meatballs
Now that’s an office cafeteria!
Club Meatballs

All the artsy furniture and office supplies you’ll see there can be purchased from BW. You’re free to test the goods before swiping your credit card for a bouncy office seat. Both employees and visitors are free to set up their MacBooks and work while ordering from Club House and Club Meatballs. They’re also available for catering. For bigger clients, you have the option of customizing furniture and collaborating with BW for other fun projects.

What’s the coolest office space you’ve seen?