Paolo Icasas (left) and I

We Painted Ayala Avenue’s Underground Mural

If you’ve walked through the Ayala Avenue or Rufino underpass in Makati this week, then you may have noticed a pastel-themed mural in the works. My artist friends Paolo Icasas and Marionne Contreras were commissioned to paint this mural. With their team of street artists, they’ve been working on it daily between 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. for over a week now.

Paolo Icasas (left) and I

I admit my title is exaggerated. I did the least work on this mural. My only significant contribution was painting a small, curly-hair character.
One of the main artists, Marionne Contreras


Goofing off during breaks
Almost done! Tell me if you’ve seen this in the Ayala underpass.

I dropped by a few times to help my friends paint while seated on a scaffolding. What a fun experience! The mural is almost done, and will be officially unveiled to the public next week. If you happen to pass by to take an Instagram photo, please tag @paolopicasas, @lagitana_, @evolutionofprinting, and @goodgovernment.