Hilarious Knock-Offs Made in China

When my sister Karen went on a business trip to China this week, I gave her a side assignment—to photograph all the knock-off items and funny English signs she sees. I wasn’t just talking about fake Nikes and Louis Vuittons; I was inspired by this 2012 Buzzfeed list that spawned other listicles of hilarious China-made knock-offs.

Here are the 15 photographs my sister submitted.

Or never.
Happy birthday, Einstein.
Makes your teeth whiter and crusti… never mind.
I’m not sure I can translate this word.

No tears.
#hardgrunge meets #floralvintage
They also have oarnges and starwberries.
Well, people say you should live outside the cookie cutter world.

Laughing water
More than full circle!
Because you might falling

For your hipster baby

Got any made-in-China photos to share? Post the links to your photos below. I’d love to see them.

September 10, 2015