Started from the bottom...

Gearing for Mt. Tagapo

When my aunt invited me to visit her husband’s hometown in Talim Island last weekend, I googled for things to do and Mt. Tagapo appeared first on the feed. Mountaineers give it a difficulty score of 2/10, and since I survived Mt. Pulag (my guide gave it a 6/10 difficulty rating) last March, I figured Mt. Tagapo would be a walk in the park.

Started from the bottom…
…Now we’re here!

Also known as Susong Dalaga (maiden’s breast), Mt. Tagapo’s jump off point is in Baranggay Janosa, Talim Island, off the coast of Binangonan, Rizal. The peak of Mt. Tagapo stands at 438 MASL (mountaineering speak for “meters above sea level”) and it takes about 2 hours to reach the peak, and 1.5 to 2 hours to descend.

Because I had a place to stay in Talim Island, I decided not to camp overnight at Mt. Tagapo and just go for the morning hike. Prepping my hiking gear was easy because it doesn’t get too cold on top, and I knew I could leave my overnight stuff at my aunt’s place.

Talim Island: More Than Just a Speck in the Water

On me:

1. Light pocketable rain jacket from Uniqlo. It didn’t rain, but this jacket saved me from getting arm scratches while treading through sharp blades of tall grass.

2. Fisherman’s hat, which protected my newly colored hair from water elements and my face from sunburn.

3. Sports bra from Everlast. Ladies, you need all parts of your body to feel as comfy as possible, so leave the push-up underwire bra at home.

4. Black capri leggings from Forever 21. When climbing Mt. Tagapo, avoid wearing shorts unless you want mosquito bites and scratches from Mother Nature’s greenery.

5. Cotton tank top. Dri-fit fabric is best for sports and fitness activities, but I figured it’s a short hike so I can just change into my extra singlet.

6. Knee-high NBA basketball socks. Wearing ankle socks during long walks often give me knee pain, so I prefer men’s baller socks for protection.

7. Low-cut hiking shoes from Salomon. Your shoes can make or break your sport or workout. Choose wisely.

8. Bamboo walking stick (not pictured on the layout) to lessen my chances of getting injured while trekking

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In my backpack:

1. Toiletry kit, which contains hand sanitizer, sunblock, contact lens drops and case, Kleenex, some cash and my gadgets in a Ziploc, mosquito repellant patches, and wipes

2. Sunglasses

3. Extra singlet. A friend gave this to me when I visited Michigan for the first time last year. Thanks, Becky! Go, Tigers!

4. Snacks: sliced apples, a tuna sandwich, Snickers, and M&Ms

5. Sports water bottle

6. Emergency boy scout items: whistle, lighter, flashlight, personal meds, and plastic bags for my trash

7. Extra pair of socks

Stay tuned for my Mt. Tagapo hiking story.

September 30, 2015

  1. Hi ms.kate may homestay po vah dun sa mt.tagapo?hike po kase kame ngayong 30 ng friend ko sa mt.tagapo…ano ang best time punta po dun?

  2. New reader here Ms. Kate! Saw you first during the BDJ Box Social Global Glam. 🙂 Anyway, the first time I’ve hiked is because of our NSTP and that was in Zambales. I find it a bit exhausting but fulfilling in the end. I wanted to try hiking again in taal pero di laging natutuloy. This year we were supposed to go to Taal pero maulan for the whole week, so di na natuloy. Sana makapaghike na ulit kami, and yang pinuntahan mo is malapit lang samin, sa Antipolo. 😀 Galing, konti nga lang dala mo. Ako kasi, minsan nagpapanic ako, so nagoover pack. :/

    1. Hi, Abegaill! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I used to be an over-packer, too! 😉 Then when I noticed that I usually don’t use 1/4 to 1/2 of what I pack, I started lightening my load.

  3. You made mountain climbing sound so much fun, and was so kind to share tips on what to bring and what to do/what not to do. You should write for a travel magazine—-I think your way at looking at life, at travel, at food, at circumstances—-makes life truly an adventure worth savoring, specially in the details. Another wonderful article, Kate. I am so proud of you!

  4. A helpful tips, just realized that leggings and sports bra are a must instead of shorts and wired-bra, uh…just remembered my first hike when I almost give up after those uncomfortable experiences and brusies I got..haha. And it’s true knee-high socks work.

      1. Oh, really? Will try that next time. We hike just in here in Patag, Negros but my friends invited me for Pulag early next year and I’m excited to see what you’ve been posted about Pulag,

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