Wanderlust Fuel: Navi 2016 Planner and Friends

I was thinking about purchasing the Hello Kitty Moleskin 2016 planner when Belle De Jour Power Planner invited me to Veterans’ Night, the 10th Anniversary of the iconic “girl power” planner that’s proudly made in the Philippines. I remember writing the contents of the Belle De Jour Power Planner in 2009. It felt like I wrote my first book! I’ve been part of the BDJ community since then—as a contributing writer, sometimes an event host, and lately as the managing editor of their sister brand, BDJ Box. And after being a Moleskin girl for years, I started using their travel-themed Navi planner this 2015.

When they unveiled their 2016 collection, the wanderlust-inspired stationery immediately caught my eye!

Top left: Quest leather journal. Top right: Forget-Me-Not lists journal in neon green with an “Explore, Live Curious” magnetic bookmark. Middle: Washi tapes (3 per set). Bottom left: Navi 2016 planner. There are plenty more stationeries in their latest catalogue, but these travel-themed items were handpicked and sent to me as a gift, and it ignited the travel plans I’ve been putting off.

Quest Journal, ₱680, comes in two colors—Talc Pink and Cool Taupe. Pictured is the latter. Inside are two notebooks (one blank and one with a grid), a sealable plastic pouch for tucking in tickets and souvenirs, and a card pocket. Notebook refills are ₱100 each.

I’m that type of traveler who enjoys journaling while on a train or having coffee alone in a strange town. I’ve kept notebooks of quotes, stories, doodles, and ideas that came out during my travels. As much as I’d like to join the haterade against Instagrammers who overuse the hashtag #wanderlust, I admittedly brim with wanderlust, too, especially when there’s a blank leather journal involved.

I’m a compulsive list maker. I have separate digital to-do lists in my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad; can’t live without my planner/organizer; have post-its sprawled all over my desk; and have a growing collection of notebooks. The Forget-Me-Not Ideas Journal, ₱240 each, comes in three designs: Innovation, Creativity, and Opportunities. I picked the latter because it will tame my compulsive list making (I hope!).

Call me old school, but I prefer paper to digital. Sure, I use most of my gadget apps, but I have a hardbound planner, a dozen notebooks, post-it pads, and notepads where I jot down everything from to-do lists to travel plans. When there’s a picture of a map, suitcase, or anything travel-related, it seems to increase the appeal of the stationery. Admit it—you’re more tempted to buy a notepad when it’s printed with an inspirational quote that aptly describes your life.

The Navi 2016 Planner, ₱598. The cover design is an improvement from the 2015 version. This time it has the world map—with extra focus on the Philippines—etched on the front and back cover. They’ve kept the features I can’t live without—horizontal weekly planner on the left and blank notes on the right. There are spaces for travel plans, bucket lists, and slumbook-style life goals. Let’s not forget the booklet of discount and freebie coupons that BDJ planners are known for.

BDJ actually has several other planners in different sizes and designs to suit different personalities, but the Navi is very KateWasHere. If you look closely at my Navi, there’s a magnetic bookmark that says, “Explore. Live Curious.” It’s also from BDJ and costs P100 for two. You can also purchase washi tapes for ₱150 (set of 3) or ₱100 (set of 2).

The BDJ 2016 collection is available at leading bookstores in the Philippines and their pop-up stores this November. You may also purchase from their online shop and get 10% off until November 30, 2015.

  1. I have never tried using a BDJ Planner before so I am curious. This Navi Planner looks interesting! I am not much of a traveller (yet) but I figured, this will be very useful once I start travelling next year. I searched for the other BDJ Planners and it all seemed really nice! I like both the Navi and BDJ Power Planner. Now I can’t decide what I want to get for myself!

  2. Still opt for hardbound planner even up to this digital age, since paper can be kept as a remebrance of the past travels. Btw, is Navi planner available in any National Bookstore Kate?

    1. Yes, National Bookstore carries the planners! You can also order online at ilovebdj.com. There’s a sale and bundle deals ’til the end of the month.

  3. Ever since I’ve tried using a BDJ planner, there’s really no going back. I love it to bits! Now I’m on my 3rd planner and I can say that I will still buy more in the future. 🙂 I haven’t tried the other versions though. So when I saw this post of yours, I’m really drooling with the collection. I am not a frequent traveler but we (me and my bf) travel twice a year. Can’t travel that much because of corporate work. :/ I so love paper editions than digital too! Like you, I have a growing collection of novelty notebook, stationery sets and post-its! I always use post-its in the office. It makes me remember talaga. That Navi planner is so pretty. 🙂 Hope I can have one soon.

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