Quirk of the Month: Yoga Joes

I saw these green army men featured in a website a few months ago. Weeks later, my friend Cristina was vacationing in New York and asked me if I wanted anything for pasalubong. I immediately replied, “Yoga Joes!”

When you order online, you’ll get 9 Yoga Joes in a plastic packaging with a bamboo floor.

Creator Dan Abramson launched this Kickstarter project in September last year. It wasn’t difficult to get people interested in these plastic figures that, at first glance, look like the classic green toy soldiers from our childhood, but upon closer look, are actually yoga poses. They were such a hit in both the yoga and veteran community that in less than a month, they raised enough funds to start this business.

Meet the Yoga Joes—Headstand Pose, Downward-facing dog, Crow Pose, Tree Pose, Meditation Pose, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Child’s Pose, and Cobra Pose. Figures vary from 1″-3″ high and are made from ABS plastic.
Yoga Joes are here to keep in the inner peace

The price is $25 per set of 9 Yoga Joes, delivery charge not included. Get it online at yogajoes.com and Amazon. They’ve expanded their merchandize to include limited-edition pink Joes and American Apparel collab t-shirts.

November 23, 2015