Quirk of the Month: Choose Your Own Tat-venture

No, I am not over it. Temporary metallic tatts were all the rage in 2014, but here’s a new book to prove that it’s more than just a temporary craze. Choose Your Own Tat-venture is a fun activity book for people like me who just can’t commit to getting a real tatt.

This book contains one metallic tattoo sheet, three colored tattoo sheets, two DIY blank tatt sheets, step-by-step instructions, and fashion editorials for ideas. Its price tag of of ₱195 is a steal! Designer brands such as Lulu DK sells metallic tatt sheets at two for ₱1,200, Chinatown sells them at three for ₱100, while for bazaars and online resellers, it’s ₱100-200 per sheet.

From Berry Books, the same company that brought you “1001 Awesome Stickers,” “Choose Your Own Tat-venture” features over 121 temporary tattoos in metallic and colorful designs.

Choose Your Own Tat-venture’s designs are different from the usual gold bohemian feathers and Egyptian patterns you see everywhere. They have colorful unicorns, owls, cats, inspirational statements, and hipster icons like the handlebar mustache and cassette tape.

I’m looking forward to creating my own unique designs using their blank temporary tatt sheets, but I will enlist the help of my artist friend, Picasas. Otherwise, it will seem like a kid just drew random shapes on my skin with a sharpie.

The Choose Your Own Tat-venture book is available at leading bookstores and magazine stands all over the Philippines for ₱195.

December 29, 2015