1 Headband, 10 Ways

For travelers who have mastered the art of packing light, multi-purpose apparel is a lifesaver. There’s the versatile white shirt that can be used over and over again (just don’t forget to launder), the crumple-free infinite dress, and multi-purpose accessories.

Enter the seamless multi-functional headwear, also known as multi-use headband, depending on where you buy it. You can find them online or in travel and outdoor sports shops like Bratpack and The Travel Club. Me, I found this version at Divisoria for a sweet deal of P50 per piece—even cheaper if you’ll get them by the bulk.

The plastic label claims you can wear it 13 or more ways, but I decided to experiment on my own. Because some styles are too similar to each other, I narrowed it down to 10.

1. Neckerchief or scarf

2. Face mask

3. Headband or turban

4. Wristband

5. Bandana

6. Balaclava or helmet liner

7. Sweatband or hippie headband

8. Beanie

9. Emergency hanky

10. Scrunchie

What’s the most versatile apparel you always pack in your luggage?

February 16, 2016