Second attempt

Quirk of the Month: Sunprint Kit

I almost forgot about this souvenir I purchased from Getty Museum two years ago. This 4″ x 4″ Sunprint Kit cost me $6.50 and I finally opened it last weekend.

Front packaging

The contents: 12 10×10 sheets of Sunprint paper and one 10×10 acrylic sheet. I felt duped. “That’s it?” I told myself. I paid over ₱300 for 10 specialty paper sheets and a piece of plastic glass. But I wanted to give it a chance.


The directions are simple.

1. Select an item, like a leaf, key, random object, or a black and white film.
2. Assemble by placing a piece of cardboard on the bottom, followed by the sunprint paper with the blue side up, then the item, and lastly, the acrylic sheet.
3. Expose the sandwiched items to the sun until the paper turns white, which should be between 1-5 minutes. Do not overexpose.
4. Quickly rinse the Sunprint paper with water for about a minute and dry flat.

Oops! I forgot to remove the brown paper coating from the acrylic plastic sheet before using!

Silly me, I forgot to remove the protective brown paper that was stuck on both sides of the acrylic, so I wasted one Sunprint paper. The dream catcher I tried to imprint looked like a circular blob.

Second attempt

For the second attempt I used an old black and white film I kept from 2002, back when I was in a film photography class in Ateneo. I wanted to capture the entire slide, but only one film looked decent. Drat!

Final product after rinsing with water and drying on a flat surface

I have 10 Sunprint papers left, dear readers, and I do not want them to go to waste. I shall be Googling for hacks before my next attempt, so please follow me on Instagram for updates on my next few attempts.

Fellow photography hobbyists, have you tried this kit before? Please share your tips!

February 23, 2016