My New Favorite DIY Hair Color

I’ve been having my hair professionally colored since 2005. I tried purchasing boxes of do-it-at-home coloring kits before, but it was my mom who did most of the job (Hi, Ma!). Because I need to save more money for travel, I decided to cut down my hair coloring expenses this year by going DIY instead of a salon.

It was always my dream to work with a trusted hair brand for a project that flaunts curls, so when I was tapped by L’Oréal Paris Philippines for this hair-coloring venture, my answer was an immediate yes! Hooray for #CurlPower!

I took the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion for a spin—this time on my own without any help from anyone at home.

Disclaimer: My headshots below were taken by a professional for the official L’Oréal ad. The hairstylist also set my curls using the barrel curling iron method. When I tested the DIY hair coloring kit at home, I wasn’t able to take photos of my step-by-step process because I was alone. With a pair of color-stained gloves and a head full of gunk, how does one take a decent selfie? I don’t know how the beauty bloggers do it!

Off to my product review.

What: L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion
Price:  ₱399 (price slashed from ₱495)
Color I used: 5.45 Intense Lustrous Auburn. I needed a break from my blonde ombré and signature redhead look, so I chose a darker shade. At the department stores and beauty hubs, you’ll notice that L’Oréal offers two sets of hair color—Excellence Crème and Excellence Fashion. The latter has bolder, trendier shades to choose from.

1. Protective pre-color serum
2. Protective crème colorant
3. Crème developer
4. Protective conditioner
5. Color application comb
6. Pair of protective gloves
7. User’s guide

1. The instructions are easy to follow. L’Oréal also published tutorial videos from my fellow bloggers (check out Valerie Tan’s video above) so I was able to get a feel of the process before doing it on my own.
2. Unlike other DIY hair coloring kits, this one gives you more than just the basics. There are protective serums that you use before, during, and after hair coloring. My hair was soft and easy to style after coloring.
3. The color application comb is a plus! It made the product easier to apply, even on stubborn curly hair like mine. I didn’t throw away the brush and bottle even after my hair coloring was done. I plan to reuse it to apply hair-conditioning treatments in the future.
4. I didn’t experience any allergic reactions on my scalp and skin.
5. Zero damage on my hair.
6. It has great coverage. My previous ombré (brown on top, blonde on the bottom, with remnants of red) color was completely evened out by the auburn shade I picked.

1. One box isn’t enough for long, thick-haired people like myself. I had to use three boxes.

I hoarded more boxes for my future touch-ups. I even invited my mom and younger sister to try this out for themselves. Their verdict: two thumbs up! According to my sister who’s been doing DIY hair coloring for years, L’Oréal’s color lasts longer than the other brands she’s tried.

Stay tuned for my tips on coloring curly hair.

L’Oréal Paris is available at all leading groceries, beauty hubs, and department stores nationwide;;;

Product photos by Headshots by Advan Ramirez, courtesy of Ogilvy. Hair and makeup by Yrynn Lopez and Verna Marin of L’Oréal Paris.