Tips For Coloring Curly Hair

As if having curly hair isn’t hard enough, there’s the challenging task of coloring curls. It requires a different set of skills than dyeing straight hair. Thanks to a collaboration with L’Oréal Paris Philippines, I not only tried my first DIY coloring experience, but also got tips from their hair pros.

1. Choose a product with extra conditioning ingredients. Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to frizz and dry out more after coloring. I personally recommend L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème (standard hair colors) and L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion (trendier shades) for DIY hair coloring because it contains a protective pre-color serum, protective crème colorant, and protective conditioner that increase the moisturizing process. My curls looked shiny and healthy after coloring.

2. Buy more than you need. People with long, Amazon forest hair like mine will need more than the standard box of hair color. In my case, I needed three boxes! Better safe than sorry, so it’s best to purchase more than you need and just use the extra box for your touch-up in three months.

3. Keep your hair clean prior to coloring. Shampoo well, preferably with a clarifying shampoo a day before hair coloring. Do not use conditioner. Make sure you don’t apply any hair product after stepping out of the shower—not a single drop or spray of anything! While the hair has to be clean, you need to let your head’s natural oils coat your scalp, which is why the shampooing has to be done at least 24 hours before coloring. The natural oils will serve as your scalp’s protection from possible irritation.

4. Detangle your hair before coloring. A true-blue kulot knows that the brush is the enemy, but you need to thoroughly detangle your hair (I personally use a paddle brush, wide-toothed comb, or tangle fix) prior to coloring to get rid of any dirt or dander that may have gotten stuck in your mane. It makes it easier for the coloring product to adhere.

Eep! Is this the creature from the Black Lagoon? No, it’s just me! I neglected my hair for over six months. No hair coloring or proper salon treatment, so look at how bad my roots contrasted with my old ombre look. It was high time I colored it, but I made sure I sectioned it properly before color application.

5. Section your hair. Use non-metallic hair clamps to separate your hair into at least four sections. When you concentrate on each section, you’re guaranteed fuller coverage.

At L’Oréal Paris Philippines’ event launch last week, I chatted with Solenn Heussaff, the newest brand ambassador of their 2016 makeup line. This was one month after my DIY hair coloring. It still looks great!

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March 9, 2016