Forgot to pack something in your suitcase? It happens.

Travel Beauty Hacks

Forgot something while on the road? Did you realize you left your precious toiletry kit en route to another country? It happens even to the vainest of us. Before you make a quick trip to the convenience store to splurge on travel-sized toiletries that are double the usual price, see if you have these alternatives on hand or nearby.

Forgot to pack something in your suitcase? It happens.

1. If you forgot your: hair serum or leave-on conditioner
Use: hand cream or conditioner to tame frizzy hair. Use only a small amount, and it’s best to dampen your hair with some water before applying the hand cream. You can even use the free hotel lotion or conditioner.

2. If you forgot your: hand cream
Use: clear lip balm to moisturize your hands. Make sure it’s the clear, un-tinted kind. It works best in dry places like freezing weather or in the cabin at 30,000 feet. My lip balm saved my hands from extreme dryness mid-flight when I realized I forgot to bring lotion.

3. If you forgot your: makeup remover
Use: petroleum jelly or coconut oil. No need to buy expensive makeup remover if it’s just a short trip. Depending on your location, buy a small bottle of petroleum jelly or coconut oil, which also doubles as itch cream, hair serum, dry nail treatment, lip balm, and a long list of vanity purposes.

4. If you forgot your: entire makeup kit
Use: lipstick or lip tint. There’s no need to buy an entire set of new makeup. You can use only lipstick or lip tint for your lips, cheeks, and when applied gently, even the eyelids for a light wash of color.

5. If you forgot your: deodorant
Use: hand sanitizer gel. If you’re in the middle of traveling and realize you forgot to apply deodorant, go to the bathroom and swipe a dollop of hand sanitizer gel on your pits. It will temporarily mask whatever smell you’re omitting and lightly deodorize your pits until your next bath.

6. If you forgot your: foundation
Use: face powder mixed with moisturizer. If you’re stuck in the beach or an unchartered territory where you can’t easily look for a beauty store, then try this trick. You may also mix your concealer with some moisturizer as foundation alternative.

7. If you forgot your: shaving cream
Use: conditioner. It’s a good, quick substitute if you left your shaving gel.

What beauty substitutes have you personally tried and tested?