My Space: Remembering Le Petit Cheri

Was there ever a restaurant or café you loved so much that you nearly cried when it closed down? Mine is Le Petit Cheri, a corner coffee shop once located at Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang.

Before it closed last year, I would always have coffee there alone before going about my day. What I loved most about this place was the library at the second floor, where I read all the books I wanted while sipping my cup of latte and devouring a croissant or other freshly baked goodies from the bakery below. Every now and then I saw kids having tea parties in the private room next to the library.

When I paid a visit sometime last year and saw that old newspapers covered the windows, I thought that they were just having the place renovated. Months later, a new establishment emerged, confirming that Le Petit Cheri has indeed closed for good.

Cheers to one of my favorite cafés in Alabang, and here’s hoping that it will reemerge in the metro one day soon!

April 28, 2016

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  1. True that! But how long did their business last? Mine nman and forever will be cherished is Le coeur de France. Good good childhood memories where my mom used to take me for snacks. There’s actually 3. Almon Marina, French Baker and Le coeur de France. Although the 2 business empires are there. Le coeur de France will be dearly missed!

  2. That place was so nice especially the interior! Naalala ko tuloy yung milktea house kung saan nagsimula ung lovestory namin ng hubby ko, sobrang nalungkot talaga ako at nanghinayang nung nagsarado na sila 🙁 Pero nawala man sila, yung memories at pictures na nabuo namin dun, forever namin itetreasure.

  3. Like what they say, all good things come to an end. It’s sad to let go of the things we love. But hey, what matters the most are the memories that will forever be with us! That place looks really nice! It’s a shame we won’t get to visit it anymore.

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