Manila’s Pop-Up Library Is Looking For Blind Dates

There’s an installation piquing the interest of Makati’s Ayala Triangle visitors—The Book Stop Project, a pop-up library that encourages people to read, borrow, and trade books.

Their premise is simple. You’re free to drop by the mini open-air library to read and hang out. You may borrow and take home any book, provided that you return it when you’re done. You may exchange any book for one that you’d like to donate. There’s also a stack of free magazines from their collaborators.

I dropped by the other day and found myself reading titles from my childhood—Alice in Wonderland and Sweet Valley Twins. The past few days they’ve had open mic sessions with authors, musicians, poets, and other local performance artists.

Then there’s the “Date With a Book” project, where you wrap a book you’d like to donate, write keywords or a dedication on the wrapper, and leave it on the bookshelf. You’re free to grab a blind book of your interest. I hear there are friendships (and love stories, maybe?) currently developing with blind book swappers.

It’s The Book Stop Project’s last day in Ayala Triangle Gardens. They’ll be there ‘til 10 p.m. today before they move the library to Plaza De Roma, Intramuros. Drop by for a blind date.

May 7, 2016