Save Luggage Space, Pack Multitaskers

My toiletries often take up the most space and weight in my luggage. Through the years I’ve learned to pack light by buying the travel-sized versions of my favorite brands, filling up my own reusable travel containers, and packing sachets. Here’s another tip I live by: pack multitaskers—makeup and beauty products that serve more than just one purpose. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Coconut oil
Primary use: Dry skin treatment
Other uses: Hair shine, makeup remover, hand and body moisturizer, massage oil, lip balm, cure for irritations (itch, scratches, athlete’s foot, and fungus,), dandruff treatment, shaving cream, tanning oil, and oil pulling
Tips: Coconut oil usually comes in big containers, so transfer a small amount to a reusable travel-sized container. Make sure the lid is tight or you’ll risk spilling oil on your clothes.

My pick of the month: Prosource Extra Virgil Coconut Oil, Available at Watson’s, ₱204 (250ml)

2. Two-in-one cleansers
Primary use: Facial wash
Other use: Makeup remover
Tips: I assume that you apply light makeup when traveling. If so, then 2-in-1 cleansers are enough to remove light makeup and grime, especially for tight itineraries where there’s no time for extensive beauty rituals.

My pick of the month: Bioré Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foam, ₱299

3. Lip and cheek tint
Primary use: Lip color
Other uses: Cheek stain and light eyeshadow

My pick of the month: Pink Sugar Lip and Cheek Tint in Purple Pleasure, ₱349

4. Makeup color stick
Primary use: Lip liner and lip color
Other uses: Eyeliner, cheek stain, and light eyeshadow
Tip: Make sure you bring a small sharpener.

My pick of the month: Bobbi Brown Art Stick, ₱1,350 each

5. Dry oil
Primary use: Hand moisturizer
Other use: Hair treatment and body oil
Tip: Just like coconut oil, transfer a small amount of dry oil into a travel-sized container.

My pick of the month: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, ₱1,750 (100ml) or ₱995 (50ml)

6. Shea Butter
Primary use: Lip moisturizer
Other uses: Hand moisturizer (especially in cold, dry weather), eye cream (at night), dry skin treatment (best for elbows and knees), cure for minor irritations (blisters, cuts, and scratches), and winter skin protection
Tip: An alternative to shea butter is regular lip balm, which can be used for the many ways mentioned above.

My pick of the month: L’Occitane Certified Organice Pure Shea Butter, ₱2,250 (150 ml) or ₱475 (8 ml)

7. Loose or mineral powder
Primary use: Face powder
Other uses: Eyeshadow primer, foundation or concealer (mix it with your sunblock or moisturizer), to set concealer, to set blush, and to mattify or set lipstick

My pick of the month: Heroine Make Smooth Cover Mineral Powder, ₱695

What are your travel beauty essentials?

Date published: May 10, 2016
Headshot by Alfred Mendoza, courtesy of BDJ Box

  1. Thanks for this! Every time na magtravel ako, halos lahat na yata dinadala ko. Minsan di ko din naiisp umg mga ganito haha.

    Madami akong binibitbit, too many to mention talaga 🙁 pero mukhang mababawasan na dahil dito 🙂 thanks!

  2. This is what my best friend told me, about coconut oil she’s using now for the skin and will try it soonest. Hope will work 😉

  3. This is a very helpful post. I bring many things when I travel na parang dinala ko na yung buong bahay namin. hahaha But now, I have an idea on what and what not to bring with me during my travels. I remember the Sephora Spring in Soho Eye, Cheek, and Lip Palette you mentioned before in one of your blog posts. That can be used to replace the lip and cheek tint and makeup color stick. Just one item to bring and many colors to choose from.

  4. Wow! Taking down notes. Those would be really helpful whenever i travel. Though, I also have my own beauty kit, I can add those because of its multi-uses. You rock, kate! 🙂 Thanks for the tips and ideas!

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