"Wonderland" by Faile

Mural Hunting at BGC

At last month’s BGC walking tour sponsored by Butterfly Twists, my artist friend Dee Jae Pa’este took us around Bonifacio High Street to check out the different murals done by his fellow artists. I knew there were other artworks around BGC, so I went back for my own solo tour. Here’s a compilation of the artworks I found. Some were large, in-your-face murals, while others were subtle graffitis.

“Pilandok” (Philippine Mouse-Deer) by Egg Fiasco
“Pangako” by Anjo Bolarda

Untitled by Nate Frizzell
“We Are What We Pretend To Be” by Nate Frizzell
Nate Frizzell’s hidden graffiti (See the bird?)

“Araw + Ulap + Laro = Saya” by The Mighty Bhutens “Mother Nature: Four Seasons” by Dee Jae Pa’este

Kate was here. “Mother Nature: Four Seasons” by Dee Jae Pa’este.
“Andres, Katipunan Supremo” by Doppel

Commissioned pop art by AKA Corleone
“Sweet Dreams” by The Mighty Bhutens
“Wonderland” by Faile
Commissioned #iloveBHS art by Dee Jae Pa’este


“Between The Lines” by Cyrcle
Untitled by Nate Frizzell

Stay tuned for part 2!

May 14, 2016