Second and current location: Intramuros

The Book Stop Project Is Now in Intramuros

…In front of Manila Cathedral, to be exact.

After charming the neighborhood of Makati in Ayala Triangle Gardens a few weeks ago, this pop-up library moved to its second location in Old Manila. I serendipitously came across their second spot when I took my Australian relatives on a tour around Intramuros.

Second and current location: Intramuros

The premise hasn’t changed. You’re free to drop by to read, hang out, donate, trade, or take home any book you like, provided that you return it when you’re done. There’s also the ongoing “Date With a Book” project (a.k.a. Blind Book Date), where you wrap a book you’d like to donate, write keywords or a dedication on the wrapper, and leave it on the bookshelf. You’re free to grab a blind book of your interest.

The pop-up library does not discriminate. If you browse through their Facebook page, you’ll see photos of people from all walks of life—from tourists to street children hanging at The Book Stop.

I wonder where the next location will be.

May 21, 2016