Knitted essentials

Baguio’s Strawberry Knits

Whenever someone I know goes on a trip to Baguio, I always ask them to buy me strawberry knitworks. I remember seeing cute knitted strawberry keychains and purses at more expensive retails shops a few years ago, and I told myself, “Wait a minute, I can get these from Baguio for a fraction of the price!” Best of all, you support local artisans.

And so my obsession began. Those who know me well have seen these strawberry knits in my car and bedroom. I can easily spot my car keys in the family key box because it’s the only one dangling from a bright red knitted strawberry keychain.

Knitted essentials

Last week my aunt Alda bought me a strawberry sling bag for only—get this—₱35. She said that while you can find strawberry knitworks in almost all souvenir stands and market shops around Baguio, the best designs are in the strawberry farm.

So, is anybody heading to Baguio soon? Please help me find a strawberry backpack!

June 18, 2016