Mt. Maculot, Here I Come!

I’m climbing Mt. Maculot in Batangas this weekend and my backpack is ready!

What’s inside:
Row 1: My trusty Roxy backpack, walking bamboo stick from our gardener (Thanks, Mang Pad!), medical necessities, plastic wallet, face towel, Roxy cap, sunnies, multi-use headband, and raincoat
Row 2: cosmetics kit (facial wash sachet, lip treatment, toothbrush, alcohol, sunblock), water bottle, waterproof gadget holder, camera, coreless tissue, whistle, trail mix, and snacks
Row 3: Extra clothes (Thanks for sponsoring my gear, Under Armour!), extra pair of lucky socks (my late father gave it to me), and extra plastic bags for my trash

*Not photographed: all the other food and snacks I’m bringing, including the energy bars that my thoughtful mother gave me.

Our itinerary:

5:00 am – Meet up in Manila
8:00 am – Cuenca Town Proper to jump-off
4:30 pm – Back to jump off, wash up, and head back to Manila
7:30pm – ETA Manila

Last-minute reminders from our guide:

• Bring your own food, but there’s also food for sale in Mt. Maculot.
• Don’t forget your raincoat and rain gear. As the saying goes, “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.”
• There are rudimentary shower facilities below the mountain where you can take a bath and change clothes after the hike.
• Bring extra cash.
• We are doing the traverse (the more difficult route), so clip your toenails. The descent is quite steep and your toes will take the brunt of your weight on the descent.
• Be a responsible hiker. Bring a trash bag to avoid cluttering the mountain.
• Weather is dynamic at open areas and higher elevations combos such as Mt. Maculot. It’s common to experience light rain in Mt. Maculot, so bring rain gear and proper footwear.

Now excuse me while I clip my toenails. Check out the hashtag #KulotClimbsMaculot tomorrow!