Photo taken during my 2009 trip to Coron, Palawan

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Coron’s Twin Lagoon

It brings me pride and joy whenever I see a viral travel video about one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. One that I’ve been seeing all over my Facebook newsfeed lately is Insider Travel’s 55-second video of Twin Lagoon, Coron, with the caption, “Tight squeeze in Twin Lagoons: You have to lie down totally flat to squeeze between these two gorgeous lagoons.”

But before you give in to that wanderlust feeling and book the next flight to Coron, Palawan, here are a few tips:

1. Twin Lagoon is just one of the dozens of spots you’ll visit when you hire a boatman to take you around Coron. It takes an average of two full days of boat tours to explore the highlights of Coron (Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake, CYC Beach, and Banana Island, to name a few). You’re not meant to spend your entire day at Twin Lagoon, although you’re free to do so.

Photo taken during my 2009 trip to Coron, Palawan

2. Your experience isn’t guaranteed to be exactly as you see it in the video above. The tide changes depending on the weather and time of day, so there are four possibilities for entering Twin Lagoon—a.) By simply wading through, if the tide is really low, b.) By holding your breath and swimming under the rocks to get to the other side (Please watch your head because the rocks are sharp) if the tide is high that day, c.) By climbing up the ladder if the tide is too high for you to dive safely, and d.) By lying down flat on a raft as the guides take you to the other side, if the tide is just as you see it in the video.

Towering limestones are surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of Twin Lagoon.

3. Invest in a waterproof camera or phone case that you can wear around your neck. You will leave your belongings in the boat (Don’t worry; the boatmen of Palawan are honest folk.), so pack your cam in a waterproof case if you want to document your adventure.

En route to Twin Lagoon

4. If you’re not a good swimmer, there are life vests you can use and guides who can assist you throughout.

5. Twin Lagoon isn’t exactly a “secret spot” as they market it to be. It has been part of the day tour package for years, so please don’t be one of those travel hipsters who want to be the only humans in the universe who are entitled to gloat about a specific travel spot.

6. Whatever travel destination you’re visiting in the world, please practice conscientious travel. Don’t litter, respect the locals, and be kind to nature.

August 4, 2016