The left side is the mesh hall. Beside it is the kitchen.

Connie’s Other Kitchen

There are three things that will make me go back to Soloviento—the sweet escape, the dog, and the food.

We were fortunate to meet the owners of Soloviento during our stay last month. One of them is Connie of the famous Connie’s Kitchen. I grew up seeing her bottled fish and pasta sauces in groceries like Rustan’s and Robinson’s. It was through her brand that I found my liking for bottled tuyo (dried salted herring) preserved in olive oil and herbs.

The left side is the mesh hall. Beside it is the kitchen.

“It actually started here in our camping trips,” Connie told me during our stay at Soloviento. About 20 years ago, her family and friends would go on camping trips to Caliraya, Laguna, and she would prepare her now famous dried fish—with the bones and scales removed—bottled in oil and garnished with garlic, spices, and herbs.

Thanks to word of mouth, people began ordering her bottled goods, and in the ’90s, Connie’s Kitchen became an official business. They started distributing their bottled local fish and homemade pasta sauces to groceries, bazaars, and mall kiosks. In New Manila, Quezon City, Connie’s Kitchen Deli continues to thrive as a popular place for Filipino gourmet food.

A few years ago, Connie and her business partners purchased this plot of land surrounded by Lake Caliraya and turned it into Soloviento, a private camping resort. The kitchen staff was trained by Connie herself, and they serve gourmet dishes reminiscent of her famous bottled goods and deli meals.

Check out some of the dishes we ordered:

Left: tapsilog, ₱160. Right: Gambas with toast, ₱190.
Fish fillet with teriyaki sauce, ₱180. Good for 2!

Tuna sandwich with capers and a side of homemade fries, ₱140
Pesto shrimp with fettuccini noodles and wheat pan de sal (bread of salt), ₱230
Leche flan (caramel custard), ₱60
Margherita pizza, sliced in bite-sized pieces, ₱350

Have you been to Soloviento? What dishes did you try and highly recommend?

Soloviento is located at Lumban, Caliraya, Laguna. For more info, visit and

Connie’s Kitchen is located at #92 4th St., corner Broadway Ave. New Manila, Quezon City. For more info, visit their FB page.

Date of visit: August 13, 2016