[Video] Maynuba Circuit and The 8 Waterfalls

It’s been over two months since I last climbed a mountain. As I prep for my upcoming climb (Clue: They call it the human spiderweb), let’s take a look back at my last feat—the Mt. Maynuba Circuit. Here’s a short video I made using clips from some of my fellow climbers.

Date of climb: September 3, 2016

  1. I really wanna climb mountains too! I haven’t experienced it but its on my bucket list. Why do i feel like every mountains has a secret paradise inside or beside it. Makes me wonder and makes me wanna discover it by myself ?

  2. It has been my dream to climb mountains, ’cause as of now, all I could do is to climb the stairs. Lol! But seriously speaking, I would love to travel and explore the mountains and conquer my fear of heights. I appreciate how you were able to document your trips to show those who couldn’t find time to travel. It’s as if I’m travelling too, while watching the clip. I hope to meet you on the mountains, Kate, pag kaya ko na. 🙂

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