I clean my favorite Prada bag regularly using a clean, damp cloth or alcohol-free baby wipes.

How To Care For Your Bags While Traveling

Whether it’s a designer bag that you spent your hard-earned savings on or something made by an unknown street artist, your precious bags deserve proper care and attention, especially when you take them to your travels. Here’s how I keep mine in tip-top shape.

1. Protect the handles.
I learned this trick from my sister, who’s more of a bag hag than I am. She invests in silky handle wraps to protect the bag handles from getting scratched, faded, and stained. The handles are the main parts that get subjected to wear and tear.

Paisley Handle Wrap, Oh My Bags, ₱299

2. Maintain the shape.
Bags made of soft materials tend to crinkle and lose shape as time goes by. It’s a good idea to buy base shapers and bag stuffers to keep your bag looking like you just picked it fresh from the store display.

Base Shaper for Louis Vuitton Speedy, Oh My Bags, ₱270

3. Clean the bag regularly and properly.
I wait until I get home from my travels before I clean my bags. Cleaning them hurriedly (with random cleaning fluids) while on the go can result in further damage. Unsure on how to clean them? Check the care labels or go straight to the brand website for tips and tricks. If you get stains, tears, or other problems you can’t DIY, see if your warranty still works. If not, head to a professional bag cleaner like Bag Rx.

I clean my favorite Prada bag regularly using a clean, damp cloth or alcohol-free baby wipes.

4. Store it properly.
At the end of your travels, make sure your bag is clean and dry before you store it. Cubbyholes are the best places to store your bags. Make sure you place a bag stuffer to keep the shape. Also place a pack of silica gel in the bag and cubbyhole to keep moisture and molds away. You may go the extra mile by purchasing a bag filer to protect it from dust.

10×15 Bag Filer, Oh My Bag, ₱299
Don’t throw away the silica gel packs you get whenever you by shoes and other dry goods. They’re non-toxic and help prevent moisture and mold build-up in your bags and closets.

5. Emergency raincoat
This might be a little too vain for some, but hey, it’s your bag and hard-earned money! Some girls keep an emergency bag raincoat and whip it out to protect their precious designer bags in the event of a sudden downpour.

Bag Raincoat, Oh My Bag, ₱220

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Photos by KateWasHere. Additional photos from Oh My Bag.