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Enchanted Kingdom’s Newest Ride Takes Flight

Just two months after the launch of the Ghostbusters Adventure, Enchanted Kingdom has unveiled their latest attraction in time for Christmas—Agila: The EKsperience.

They constructed an entire building outside the park just for Agila: The EKsperience.

It’s a flying theater—the first and only in the Philippines. At 2,000 square meters and 9 storeys high, it’s EK’s biggest attraction. The motion theater technology gives the riders a bird’s eye view of the top tourist spots all over the Philippines, from Luzon to Mindanao. And it’s not just any bird; it’s the great Philippine eagle (agila) that interchanges as the rider’s point of view and your flying buddy.

This is the first flying theater in the Philippines. Abroad, popular ones include “Soarin’ Around the World” in Disney California Adventure Park and “Soaring Over the Horizon” in Disney Shanghai.
Kate was here.

The 544-square meter cinema is in 5D, so you’ll feel sensations of wind, mist, scents, and other movements as you fly over 20 breathtaking, panoramic locations such as Cagayan De Oro’s great white rapids, Palawan’s caves, and Batanes’ rolling hills. The ride isn’t just about tourism. It adds EK’s wizarding factor into the mix. Eldar The Wizard assembles your team for a magical mission in two separate prep rooms before you enter the actual flying theater ride.

In one of the prep rooms, a magical map (voiced by my talented friend Bianca Arambulo) will talk about your mission to find Eldar the Wizard and see what adventures are in store for you.
“Mag-anak” is a driftwood sculpture of the eagle family by British-born, Cebu-based artist James Doran Webb.

Aside from the ride, there are other things you can gaze upon while waiting for your turn. There’s the museum-like structure of the building, which reminds me a bit of Getty Museum in Los Angeles. There are exhibits to teach people about the endangered Philippine eagle. There’s an interactive hall of elements to distract you from the long line. There’s the agila driftwood sculpture of renowned artist James Doran Webb. And after your ride, visit the Pugad shop, which features Go Lokal crafts and souvenirs.

This place took 16 months to construct.

The Pugad shop features crafts and souvenirs by Filipino artists and designers. It’s a collaboration between EK and the Department of Trade and Industry. See that plush eagle? I’m giving away a keychain version to my reader of the year.
This ride supports the preservation of the endangered agila. For every ticket sold, EK will donate ₱1 to the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

My only beef is that I find the ride too short. Not counting falling in line and the prep rooms, the actual ride is only 6 minutes long, making the emotional build-up of the adventure travel film almost anti-climactic. For ₱500/per ride, I feel that it would be so much better if it stretches to 10 minutes. But because AGILA is still in its soft opening stage, I’m hoping they will iron out the kinks in time for the flock of eager riders. Overall, this ride will make you proud of the Philippines and inspire you to travel more.

Ride Details:
Price: ₱500 for a single-ride ticket
Regular park price (not including special rides like Agila): ₱600 on weekdays and ₱700 on weekends
Promo deal: ₱900 (weekends) for the EK Park + Agila ticket bundle, ₱800 weekdays
Height restriction: Rider must be at least 42” tall.
Locker options: You are required to leave your bags at the lobby locker room. You may bring your wallet and phone to the ride, but place it in the netted bag under your seat before the ride starts.

Date of visit: December 14, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom is located at Santa Rosa, Laguna. Visit enchantedkingdom.ph for more info.

  1. E.K. is stepping up their game! As the years pass by, they keep on improving and creating new attractions! I am looking forward to trying out this one! I hope they’d arrange a special rate for students going on field trips because this is a great way of learning while having fun! It’s also perfect for promoting local tourist attractions!

  2. I haven’t tried the Ghostbusters Adventures yet and here comes another attraction in EK! I can’t wait to experience this flying theatre! With it’s tourism theme, I’m so excited to have a glimpse of our country’s most promising tourist spots. I commend EK for coming up with an attraction that would promote tourism in our country and of course by using the Agila, our ‘pambansang ibon’, as an image for this theatre.

    I wish they could polish the attraction’s shortcomings before our company’s family day on June 2017. Hehe. It’s a little bit pricey so I am in doubt if it will be patronised by those who have a limited budget.

    1. It’s best if you purchase the bundle deal, where it’s P800 for the unli-pass ticket + access to Agila. It’s like paying only P200 for Agila instead of P500. 🙂

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