Pumpkin Spice Hair And How I Donated My Curls To Science

After sporting the same long hairstyle for almost two years, I decided it was time for a drastic change. I called my trusty hairstylists, Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco of JURO Salon for a makeover. I asked for a short crop and for my color peg, I picked pumpkin spice latte, which was all the rage this fall-winter season in the US.

I had just wrapped up my hair video shoots for Cosmo.ph that week, and realized my hair was the longest it had ever been—almost down to my waist if you stretch the curls. I was more than ready to chop it off!

At JURO Salon, the first step was the haircut. Jude and his magic scissors snipped 2/3 off my entire mane. It’s like I lost 10 lbs. He spent an hour doing a precision cut, carefully shaping my semi-bob.

Before: Long and heavy

I made fun of my chopped-off curls as it lay on the table looking like a creature from the lagoon. It started freaking out the other customers (“What’s that?!” one girl said, to which I replied, “Oh, it’s just my hair.”), so I told the assistants they could finally throw it away.

“No, I’m going to keep it,” Rose said. She explained that she plans to use it for cosmetic experimentation. She plans to test different chemical treatments on my chopped hair to see how different products and brands react to natural curls.

Goodbye, my pet! I donated 2/3 my mane to JURO Salon’s cosmetic research program.

I was so happy about that! I tried to donate my hair to cancer patients before, but found out that my type of hair is disqualified (Click here to see why). My tuffet of curls will finally go to good use.

Off to my hair-coloring process. The procedure:
1. Removal treatment to strip off remnants of previous colors
2. Semi-bleaching to allow the red-orange shade to stick longer
3. Rose’s precision coloring that combines different shades on my naturally black hair for a blended regrowth

After: pumpkin spice latte on a semi bob

Thank you, Rose and Jude of JURO Salon!

The result: pumpkin spice latte on a semi-bob. This is the shorted haircut I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m excited to experiment with different hairstyles (Videos coming soon!). To my fellow curly-haired gals who are wary about going short, you can pull it off! Just make sure you book a hairstylist who completely understands and embraces natural curls.