Quirk of the Month: Miniature Korean Orgel House

I purchased this souvenir from Nami Island, Korea, back in January 2014. There were dozens of toy model houses on display in the shop, so I thought I’d make my own by purchasing this kit.

This unopened Young Modeler kit gathered dust on my bookshelf for almost three years. On Christmas Day this year, I finally unplugged from the online world and spent two hours assembling my miniature tile-roofed Korean orgel house.

The contents. Other items I had to gather: scissors, nail file (which I used as screwdriver), and watercolor brush (to smoothly apply the glue).
Screwing the small metal windup music box (better known as orgel in Korea) in place
Tip: Start with clean hands to prevent staining the wooden parts with grime.

Halfway done!
The instruction manual is in Korean, so I had to rely on just the photos as my guide.

Done! Time to test the wind up music box.
Ta-da! My DIY miniature Korean Orgel tile-roofed house.

If you’d like to purchase your own model kit similar to the one I got from Korea, click on the shopping links below.

Date of purchase: January 2014
Date of assembly: December 25, 2016

  1. This made my artsy craftsy heart excited! Truly, when we find time to turn off the internet and see what’s around, we get to find new fun things to do! This Christmas season, I was also busy making some crafts! Your DIY project is something I want to try too! What i love about DIY stuff is that it could be hard from the beginning but the process of putting the pieces together and the output makes it so worth it! Making crafts make me feel relaxed, peaceful and happy! And when every project is done, i feel so accomplished! hehe Did it make you feel the same way too? I’d love to see you make more crafts in your future posts! 🙂

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