The year was 2014

Throwback: Nami Island 2014

Around this quarter in 2014, my family and I were in Korea for the first time. The first stop of our group tour was Nami Island, also known as Namisum or Namiseom Island, located in Chuncheon, South Korea. Koreanovela fans may recognize this place as the backdrop of the famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata.

The weather during our visit was -2°C, which was completely out of my family’s comfort zone, having lived in the Philippines where the two main seasons are wet and dry. I wish I lingered longer outdoors, but I was always rushing to enter an establishment to stay warm. The ground was also too slippery that day.

My freezing tushy aside, I did find little gems of adventure, like making my family pose a la Koreanovela by the snow-speckled trees and purchasing a miniature Orgel house to assemble back in the Philippines.

Let me stroll down memory lane:

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Date of visit: February 2, 2014