Bad Hair Day? Braid It!

Braids reemerged in the Hollywood scene back in 2012 when celebrities took mermaid fish tails and braided crowns to the red carpet. Through the years, it evolved from trend to style staple, with numerous Pinterest boards and blog posts dedicated to braids.

Lately I’ve been turning to braids as my go-to hairstyle. I’m still adjusting to my shortest haircut ever, so to hide bad hair days, I go for braids. Sometimes I enlist the help of a pro; other times I just watch Youtube videos for step-by-step tutorials.

Check out some of my braided ‘dos:



As you can see, they’re mostly waterfall braids. My next goal is to pull off more complicated styles, like a French braid, pleats, and a faux undercut. As for you, dear readers: When you’re having a bad hair day, instead of going for the usual ponytail or bun, try braids.
March 21, 2017