Dog & Cat Expo 2017: Much Doge, Such Wow!

Pet Express has been organizing the Dog and Cat Expo for years now, but it was my first time to attend this year. Boy have I been missing out! I decided to leave all my 8 dogs and 8 cats at home and do all the shopping by myself. Surrounded by hundreds of dogs, cats, and their happy humans, I had a woof-tastic time. Check out some of the snapshots I took and the goodies I splurged on. I’m also mastering doggo speak through the captions.

If you see your doggo here and would like me to promote his/her name and Instagram account, please leave a comment below and I will update your photo.

This year’s Dog and Cat Expo was held on July 29-30, 2017. I went on Day 2.
“I lyk dis hooman.”
Kate was here. I met this beautiful Sheepdog named Jigsaw at the Saint Roche booth.
A pupper from the Ezydog booth.
Three friendly Jack Russell dogs
Much amaze!
Purina’s dog food eating contest. Don’t underestimate the lil’ white one in front. He won!
Let’s play a game. Find the cat.
Oh hallo, hooman!
One of the animal welfare groups that I support, CARA, took center stage.
Even doggos need a break.
“We must go that-a-way, hooman! My Spidey senses are tingling.”
Cat condos from Coco Green
Twinning loaves of bread
Are you a cat or a jaguar?
Am good boi
Best sale of the day! Our Cat kitty litter for 50% off the retail price. There were so many freebies, too!
Back at home, my rescue doge P investigates my loot. “I is pleased, hooman. Now open treats.”

See you all next year, dog-cat lovers!