Kate was here. Word of Mouth's August theme was "Happy Accidents." My story was a series of adventures that led me to pursue a second career. Podcast version coming soon!

Word Of Mouth: A Safe Stage For Your Stories

This August, I was asked to be one of the 12 storytellers in “Word of Mouth: Unscripted Stories On Happy Accidents” at Habitual Coffee, Makati.

Kate was here. Word of Mouth’s August theme was “Happy Accidents.” My story was a series of adventures that led me to pursue a second career. Podcast version coming soon!

The premise: Every month, Word of Mouth gathers around 10 storytellers in intimate venues around Manila. They’re not necessarily public speakers, artists, or performers—just people with stories to share. Each storyteller has five minutes to narrate a real-life story based on the theme of the month. The venue is filled with both friends and strangers.

If you’re an adult looking for a safe space to get over your fear of public speaking, try Word Of Mouth.

The story has to be unscripted. No, we weren’t allowed to bring cue cards—not even our mobile phones to check our bullet notes. They’re not looking for the spoken word, theatrical, or FlipTop type of performance. Just talk. It’s like listening to a friend open up for the first time about a heartbreak or crazy adventure—except that he/she’s onstage with a mic.

When this flagship project of Hulma Collab was launched in March, the theme was “Starting Over.” In April, it was “Getting There.” May was “Game Changers,” June was “Breaking Free,” while July was all about “Obsessions.”

This month’s “Word Of Mouth” was held in Habitual Coffee, Makati.

Word of Mouth is the brainchild of friends Dianne Mendoza and Pia Benosa. Inspired by The Moth, a non-profit org that organizes live storytelling events in the US, Dianne and Pia decided to put up Word of Mouth in Manila for the same purpose—to bring people from different backgrounds to a safe space where they can express themselves.

“Everyone has a story to tell,” said Char Vilchez, who started as a storyteller in March, and became one of the organizers. “At a time of divisiveness, telling and listening to personal stories can help us appreciate one another.”

This project has evolved. They started by inviting friends who they knew were comfortable with public speaking. Now they have a wider range of participants. They now charge a minimal entrance fee (which comes with refreshments), while storytellers get tokens from sponsors.

At the end of each event, everyone votes for the “Storyteller Of The Night.” Our winner was Jaton (the guy in front). He won a gift pack from our sponsor, Mentos. That’s me at the back, second to the left, with 9 of the 12 storytellers this month.

Anyone can be a storyteller. Just browse through their upcoming dates and venues, see if you have a story that fits the theme of the month, and then make a reservation. Your story doesn’t necessarily have to be about love or heartaches. While some are dubbing Word of Mouth as a Hugot Festival, it’s subject to interpretation. I’ve heard participants share anecdotes, travel adventures, business success stories, and in my case, a series of serendipitous incidents.

Are you allowed to be a storyteller more than once? Yes!

If you’re hesitant, you may start as a member of the audience to listen to other storytellers and get a feel of Word of Mouth. When you’re ready, sign up as a storyteller.

Word of Mouth’s next session is on September 23 at Cool Beans Cafe, Quezon City. September’s theme is “Modern Love.” To join, visit Hulma Collab or email wordmouthph@gmail.com.

August 24, 2017

  1. Hi I’m lele..i saw your segment or episode on CNN today. We’ll.i was so amazed and moved by your story tellers. Frankly, I have a Love story to share. I want to let it out, it’s killing me. It’s a Love at a wrong circumstance. Actually, we’ve been apart for almost five years and still I can’t fuckin move on. Can’t let her system out in me. I still cry alone…..alone on undefined space and time. I hope I can speak and share my heart out…it’s so hard to love someone when you know your the only one who still is hurting and feeling all the emptiness and hoping one day …just one day…you can see her and see her smile and kiss her lips again….but it’s all wishful thinking. By the way, here’s the catch. I have a wife and 2 children. So, does my story interests you. I’m man who’s been in love with a woman that opened my eyes out of the box as per se. Hope you can consider me as one of your story teller. Thanks you and goodluck with your advocacy.

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