Café Antix's main dining area

My Space: Café Antix’s Vintage Collection

I first featured Café Antix in my blog back in 2015. I dubbed it as my favorite café in Cavite City. It still is! So much has changed since it first opened in 2012. Café Antix now has a bigger selection of food and caffeinated drinks, including off-the-menu items and seasonal concoctions, like the hilarious Cofveve Coffee and Sadako Halloween Coffee.

Also noticeable is their growing collection of vintage paraphernalia dotting their interiors. When I say vintage, I mean real vintage—not kitschy items made to look vintage. Check out their collection and the stories behind them.

Café Antix’s collection started with this shelf of vintage soda bottles and souvenirs. Can you spot the view-master?
Kids of the ’80s, do you remember having this type of TV in your house?

1913 Singer sewing machine
L-R: Vintage telephone, cash register, and AM radio
Life before Google: Encyclopedia sets
L: ice crusher/shaver, R: film projector
Spot the electric fan, phonograph, and telephone with a rotary dial.

This old petrol tank was restored and repainted.
Retro electric fans and lamps are put to good use in this café.
Café Antix’s main dining area
Cassette tapes. See any artists you recognize?
Before cassette tapes, 8-track tapes were popular in the US in the ’60s-’70s. This 8-track Beatles tape is in mint condition.
A TEAC 8-track player with a collection of mini vinyl records and cassette tapes
Check out the antique charcoal iron (upper right and bottom right), antique lamps (upper left and middle), polaroid camera (bottom middle), and books from the 1900s.


This book was originally from Edwin’s grandfather. Look closely at the signed dates: 1919 and 1938.
Cast iron rustic water pump
Game & Watch is a line of handheld electronic games from the ’80s
Vinyl collection. What’s your favorite Queen song?
This antique electric fan is in full working condition.
Vintage Pepsi soda bottles

When I asked the owner Edwin where he gets these interesting pieces, his answer surprised me. While some are hand-me-downs from friends and relatives, most of the vintage items he purchased didn’t come from thrift shops or garage sales as one would think.

“I buy them from pickers,” he said. He’s made friends with the humble folk of Cavite, those who rummage and sell junk to junk shops. Because junk shops pay pickers by the kilo, regardless of the collectible value of the items, Edwin bids a higher rate. In return, he gets dibs on the junk before they are sold to the junk shops.

That’s how he saved many of these collectibles from being chopped up. They are now proudly displayed in Café Antix for vintage lovers to admire.

Café Antix is located at 5125 P. Burgos Ave. Cor. Cabuco St. Caridad, Cavite City Philippines. Operating hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Phone no. +6346-431-6196.

August 31, 2017