The service counter is made from wooden crates that were once used as shipping containers.

This Café Will Give You Garden Goals

Did you ever think about turning your garden or outdoor patio into your own personal coffee shop? Here’s one café that will give you major goals. You don’t even have to splurge on pricey furniture and interior designs. All you need is upcycling know-how, DIY skills, and maybe an artistic friend who can help you paint.

Old cable spools from ride attractions were upcycled into café tables, while old tires from the Kart ride were turned into chairs.
Pugad café is eco-friendly. The furniture is made from upcycled materials from the theme park.

Pugad Café is Enchanted Kingdom’s outdoor coffee shop located by the entrance of Agila: The EKsperience, the theme park’s theater ride that was launched just last year.

Pugad Café

The café design is environment-friendly. It’s located outdoors for an airy, energy-saving ambience. The cozy space uses upcycled materials, like scraps from EK’s theme park rides and discarded items from their park buildings.

The service counter is made from wooden crates that were once used as shipping containers.
Idea: Paint murals on garbage bins and other dull upcycled furniture.

To support local livelihood, their café ingredients are sourced from Filipino farmers. After taking a sip of the local brew, you may purchase Philippine-made coffee like kapeng barako from Batangas and locally packed goodies like mango cashews and calamansi almonds to bring back home.

The menu
Kapeng barako, ₱85

If you’d like to browse for more local goods, there’s Agila merchandize store next door, where you can buy souvenirs, accessories, crafts, and other Filipino products that showcase our heritage from Luzon to Mindanao.

DIY idea: Use old food bottles and extra mason jars as candle holders at dusk.

By sunset, the staff starts lighting up candles.

If you find yourself at this theme park and need a break from all the rides and noise, this is my secret hangout. It’s also my latest My Space inspiration for the little garden-café nook I’m planning to create at home.

Date of visit: October 7, 2017

Enchanted Kingdom is located at Santa Rosa, Laguna. Visit for more info.