[Video] Bali’s Jungle Swings Will Give You a Natural High

Looking for alternative things to do in Bali? Try the jungle swing ride. No, I’m not talking about zip-lining or amusement park rides. Did you ever ride an old-fashioned kiddie swing where the wooden seat is attached to ropes? This works using the same concept, except that it teeters from hundreds of feet up in the air. Depending on the location you choose, you can swing from 16 to 255 feet as you get a stomach-churning view of the jungle.

Where To Find Bali’s Jungle Swings

1. Bali Swing, Ubud
The most popular one you see all over Facebook and Instagram, Bali Swing is located at Kapubaten Bandung, Ubud. There are five swings you can pay to ride—5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, and 78m in height. You may also book their other activities like rafting and tubing.

2. Ubud Swing, Zen Hideaway
Zen Hideaway is a popular rental home located 20-30 minutes away from Ubud. It features a two-level wooden teak house and the famous swing that gives you a view of the nearby waterfalls, Ayung River, and surrounding rice fields. To rent this place, it’s around ₱12,000 ($235) per night.

3. Alas Harum Agro Tourism
This place in Ubud starts out as a tourist trap where they give you a free tour of their civet farm (my heart ached for the poor civet cats cramped in small cages) and free coffee tasting. The catch? After the free sampling of 14 coffee flavors, you will be taken to their souvenir shop to buy coffee powder and other products. I didn’t buy anything from the shop, but paid for the jungle swing ride (see video above) for IDR50,000 (₱190 or $4).

4. Wanagiri Hidden Hill
It’s located in Wanagiri Village at Sukasada, Buleleng, two hours north of Ubud. Wanagiri was built to please Instagram addicts. There are different vantage points for you to take photos—a human-sized bird’s nest, a Balinese jungle version of the Eiffel Tower, and a giant swing overlooking the water below. Entrance fee is IDR10,000 (₱38 or $0.75).

5. Wisata Selfie Park
The name says it all. It’s managed by Wanagiri Hidden Hill, and the location is along the stunning Danau Buyan Lake. Wisata Selfie Park has several areas that you can enter for IDR10,000 (₱38 or $0.75) per person. Instagrammable spots include a giant sunflower, a jungle swing, and other bamboo installments.

Do It For The ‘Gram!

Let’s be honest, you want to ride these high jungle swings not just for the adrenaline rush and view of the Balinese jungle, but because you’d like to upload photos on Instagram for all your friends to see. Now that we’ve cleared that out, here are tips to help you get the perfect ‘gram.

1. It’s okay to dress up. Instagram influencers and bloggers have ridden on these swings wearing an ensemble that could rival a magazine shoot—floral bohemian dress, knee-high gladiator sandals, layers of accessories, and a weave hat to boot. Me, I went to Alas Harum Agro Tourism (see #3) straight from the airport on a whim, so I was unprepared in the OOTD department.

The swing in Alas Harum Agro Tourism. IDR 50,000 (₱190 or $4) per ride.

2. Don’t wear green or you will blend in with the jungle backdrop. Wear something bright like red or orange.

3. If you’re a solo traveler, you may ask the staff or your hired driver to take photos for you. Make sure you tell them exactly how to frame and angle the photos before you swing. Not everyone has the eye for taking great pics.

4. Keep your legs closed. I kept my legs swaying wide in the air like a limp frog during the first few seconds. It did not look nice in the photos.

Safety harness: CHECK!


5. It’s generally safe. The ones in Bali Swing Ubud, Zen Hideaway, and Alas Harum Agro Tourism (see #1-3) include a safety harness that the staff will attach for you. They will also be in charge of “pushing” you around and making sure you get out of the swing safely. As for the smaller swings in Wanagiri Hidden Hill and Wisata Selfie Park, there are no safety belts, so ride at your own risk.

Would you dare swing from 250 feet up in air?