Kate was here. Photo by wheretinagoes.

Ayan’s Local Foods: Siquijor’s Hidden Zen

One factor that makes Siquijor a mysterious island is that it’s not as Googleable as the other mainstream destinations. A lot of their accommodations aren’t listed on Agoda and other booking sites. Because Siquijor’s internet connection is intermittent, not all restaurants and establishments have a website, let alone a Facebook page.

For the adventurous traveler, this makes things a little more exciting as you explore the island’s elusive beaches, cafés, and spots that are hardly written about. In my case, one great discovery is Ayan’s Massage and Local Foods.

Kate was here. Photo by wheretinagoes.

Book a massage anytime!

My travel buddy Martina and I found this place when we decided to drive our scooters down an unnamed road in Larena, Siquijor. We braved biking down the narrow, rocky path, which led us to a quaint restaurant run by one of the locals.

A wooden sign in front of a lush garden marks the entrance to Ayan’s Massage and Local Foods, where you may book a massage in a separate hut and then hang at their garden for home-cooked meals.

If you see these signs along Circumferential Road in Larena, you’re on the right path.
Ayan’s Massage and Local Foods

It’s not exactly an off-the-beaten path, as there are famous (Googleable) establishments nearby, like Cliff Side Beach Resort and Cottages, Pizza Al-Forno Trattoria Rustica, and CangDoki Dive Camp. But it is more quiet in this car-free road.

We had an early dinner before heading back to our hotel in Isla Inn. Martina and I shared a local vegetable dish (I forgot to jot down the name, sorry!) made of sautéed ginger, monggo (mung beans), malunggay leaves (moringa), coconut milk, and other herbs picked fresh from Ayan’s garden. We skipped the massage and just explored the garden for some much-needed Zen.

The herbs and vegetables come straight from Ayan’s garden.
Our order: malunggay stew, a cup of rice, mango shake, and calamansi juice. Total bill: ₱300.
The receptionist

Ayan’s friendly dog and cats kept us company as the skies began to darken, signaling that it’s time for us to drive our scooters back to our inn.

Date of visit: February 19, 2018