Beauty Products To Help You Survive The Heat

To describe the current Philippine weather as hellish would be an understatement. The heat index (actual temperature felt by the body based on air temperature and humidity) reached a dangerous 51°C in Nueva Ecija last month. In Manila, the daytime temp is feverish and it looks like this extreme heat won’t be leaving soon.

Whether you’re temporarily holding off those mountain hikes like I am or are pursuing your summer itineraries despite the soaring temperatures, here are products to help you cope with the heat.

1. Primer and Makeup Setting Spray

If you really must wear makeup in the 7th circle of hell, know that even makeup products marked as waterproof may drip down your face midday. To prevent this, use a primer before makeup and a makeup setting spray after all the contouring and concealing.

Pro Beauty Exclusives Makeup Setting Spray, ₱300 (30ml), and Aloe Vera Toning Prep Spray, ₱300 (50ml)

2. Facial Mist

Here’s something to hold you down until you get home and jump into a cold shower—moisturizing facial mists. Gently spray your face and neck as often as you want throughout the day.

Céleteque Hydration Moisturizing Mist, ₱150 (50ml), and The Face Shop Green Tea Water Purifying Moisture Mist, ₱450 (80ml)

3. Cooling Mist

Not to be confused with a regular facial mist, this type of mist has ingredients that cool upon contact with your skin or even your just your shirt. Use sparingly on your arms, legs, and torso. Avoid getting it on your face! I’ve read reviews of users whose eyes and noses were irritated after using this spray.

Scents & Memories Aircon in a Bottle, ₱130 (50ml)

4. Cooling Body Products

Look for lotions and cleansers that have cooling ingredients like mint, eucalyptus, menthol, and aloe vera.

Human Heart Nature Cooling Body Cleanser, ₱199.75 (200ml), and Human Heart Nature Natural Cooling Leg & Body Cream, ₱375 (100ml)

5. Hair Refresher

It’s tempting to step into the shower several times a day to combat the heat. But please beware: Over-washing your hair can do more harm than good. It can lead to dryness and brittle strands. For those times your hair feels icky midday, try a spritz of dry shampoo on your scalp or hair refreshing mist on your mane.

S&R, ₱1,000 (150ml), and
Human Heart Nature Refreshing Hair Mist in Summer Breeze, ₱249.75 (100ml)

6. Internal Hydration

On top of everything else, internal hydration is key to battling the heat. Drink up! Do you have an eco-friendly water bottle yet? Instead of buying several disposable plastic water bottles a day, bring your own reusable bottle.

How do you keep cool in the heat?

May 31, 2018

Headshot by Alfred Mendoza courtesy of BDJ