Sneak Peek: KateWasHere’s Vlog

In the same way that it took me a while to embrace the digital platform (My training is print media), it also took me this long to finally give in to vlogging. I’ve actually done memorable but short-lived TV hosting stints in the past, but self-producing a vlog is a different ballgame. Even when my friends nudged me for years to try vlogging, I would always politely decline.

Coming soon: KateWasHere’s travel vlog. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for dibs.

So what made me decide to finally add a vlog to KateWasHere? I’ll be completely honest with you: I’m tired of auditioning for TV shows! I’m tired of being told I’m too curly (said one mainstream channel who said I was a good TV host, but needed to straighten my hair to get the part, so I said, “Hell no!”); too fat (said one producer who told me to diet); too this; and too that.

Frankly, I’m tired of waiting for the “perfect” travel show audition that matches my personality and look. I’ve auditioned for years and had so many close calls. I once passed a rigorous casting process and landed the part of travel host—only for the TV show to be cancelled for lack of funds. I lost count of the number of times I was replaced by a reality TV star or up-and-coming actress, because the producers needed a TV host with 100,000+ followers to begin with, and they prefer the standard Filipina look of straight hair and super fair skin.

It’s high time I created my own show—my rules, my style, and most of all, my loud-and-proud curls.

Here’s a sneak peak of KateWasHere’s travel vlog:

Catch it every 3rd/4th week of the month on Facebook and YouTube.

Video by Spectrum Lab Media Productions