How to Wear Makeup When Traveling

There’s no shame in wearing a little makeup when traveling. If you’re exploring a new city or country soon, here are my tried-and-tested tips to looking your best even if you’re jet-lagged or have been on transit for hours.

1. Modify your makeup kit.

Leave your bulky, extensive makeup sets at home. Pack your smallest-sized lippies and those compact, all-in-one travel makeup sets. As an eco-friendly traveler, I’m not a fan of buying sachets and single-use plastic packages, but if you have loads of samplers and sachets that you got for free (don’t buy!), travel is the perfect time to use them. Just make sure you dispose of your plastic in proper waste segregation bins.

2. Use multi-taskers.

To avoid packing too many products, choose makeup that serves more than just one purpose. Go for lip and cheek tints, makeup sticks, tinted SPFs, and BB creams. It saves time and luggage space.

Try the Kiss & Bloom Water Lip and Cheek Tint from Generation Happy Skin. It comes in three versatile shades—Dainty, Fearless, and Prim & Prime at ₱299 each.

3. Choose makeup with skincare.

From the airplane cabin to the streets of the new city you’re exploring, your skin will be subjected to pollution and harsh elements of nature, so it’s best to use makeup with built-in skincare. The only downside to using skincare-meets-makeup products is that the shades are light and not buildable, but that’s fine for travel.

Check it out: Kath Berardo’s collaboration with Happy Skin—#KathXHappySkin. It’s makeup with built-in skincare—perfect for travel!

4. Don’t go over the top.

I understand your need to “do it from the ‘gram” and look great in your travel photos, but I don’t suggest wearing Kardashian-levels of makeup while doing outdoor adventures and exploring the public transportation system. Trust me, it’s not good for your skin. I’ve personally done TV commercial shoots where I had to wear thick makeup for 24 hours straight (Read my Cosmo story here to know what happened to my skin after). For travel, I often keep my skin and eye makeup simple. The most I’d go is wear a bright red lip all day.

Two of my favorites from the #KathXHappySkin collection are Instant Glow Longwear Powder Blush in Freedom and Love, ₱399 (the one I’m holding in this photo) and Perfect Brows Long-Lasting Liquid Pen, ₱399, which gives natural-looking and sweat-proof eyebrows.

5. When all else fails, accessorize.

Travel can sometimes take its toll on your stress levels, especially when contingencies arise, like missing your train, getting lost, or getting jet-lagged. If your travel buddies are snapping photos and you’re just not feeling it, don a big hat, a pair of stylish sunglasses, or that new standout necklace you purchased at the souvenir stand. They’re instant pick-me-ups!

KathXHappySkin is available at all Happy Skin branches in the Philippines. Also available online at Lazada, Zalora, and BeautyMNL. Photos by KateWasHere. Product photos courtesy of Happy Skin.

September 4, 2018