Highly recommended by locals: Eiburgh's frites

Amsterdam’s Best Frites Away From Touristy Spots

If you google, “Things to eat in Amsterdam,” frites will come out as a must-try snack. Also known locally as patat, frites may look like regular thick-cut fries. But what makes it different is the way the Dutch deep-fry the freshly sliced potatoes and offer an extensive selection of toppings and sauces. No, it’s not just about ketchup.

Frites are usually served in paper cones like this, but there are other versions away from tourist spots. WAIT! This isn’t the “best” that I’m talking about.

If you drop by tourist-heavy places like Amsterdam Central, you will see long lines of people getting their frites from popular joints like Mannekin Pis (which actually originated in Belgium) and Vlaamse Frites. These thick and crispy frites are served in the ubiquitous paper cone overflowing with toppings—from traditional flavored mayo to special sauces like patatje oorlog (their version of peanut saté).

In Amsterdam Central, you’ll find long lines of tourists buying frites from the likes of Mannekin Pis, which is actually from Belgium.

While I did enjoy the frites in Amsterdam Central, I also headed to Zuiderzeeweg to find Eiburgh Snacks, a local establishment highly recommended by my Dutch friends. Mannekin Pis may have gotten numerous accolades, but a lot of locals would beg to differ when it comes to awarding the best frites in Amsterdam. According to one friend, Jeroen, he prefers Eiburgh’s frites, where the potatoes are freshly peeled and sliced onsite, and fried better than most mass-produced versions.

Highly recommended by locals: Eiburgh’s frites
Do as locals do: frites from Eiburgh Snacks

My personal verdict: Two thumbs up! I’m not discrediting Mannekin Pis (I enjoyed their frites both in Amsterdam and Brussels), and I’m aware that there are several other contenders around Amsterdam, but Eiburgh delivered as promised. It also helps that the location is away from busy streets. I spotted a man peeling buckets of fresh potatoes in a container shed onsite, giving the location a more rustic feel. I saw Dutch locals from all walks of life—from suited folk parking their fancy cars to truck drivers going on a break—ordering frites and other items on the menu, like Dutch-style burgers and desserts.

Fresh potatoes peeled and sliced onsite. You may also spot their cute dog lurking around. I wonder if he gets unlimited frites daily.
Kate was here in Eiburgh Snacks.

If you’re looking for an alternative to tourist-heavy Mannekis Pis, take a tram ride to Eiburgh Snacks, where you’ll find the other best frites in Amsterdam.

Eiburgh Snacks is located at Zuiderzeeweg 2, 1095 KG Amsterdam, The Netherlands.