[Vlog] This Dutch Polyglot Speaks 18 Languages—Including Filipino!

My Netherlands-based friend Jackie was touring me in Zaanse Schans, home of the historic Dutch windmills, when she pointed a guy selling his artworks along the path. “He speaks Tagalog,” she said.

Dutch artist Wouter Corduwener, 29 years old, speaks 18 languages and counting.

I initially thought he was just one of those people who memorize basic greetings like “Hello!” and “How are you?” in several languages, but he was more than that. Wouter Corduwener is a Dutch artist and polyglot—someone who can understand, speak, and write in several languages. At 29, Wouter knows 18 languages, including Filipino. Watch my candid convo with him:

He obliged to be featured in my vlog, and told me about his passion for learning different languages. He posts multilingual videos on his YouTube Channel, connects with other polyglots, and enjoys meeting different nationalities so that he can practice conversing. My ability to fluently speak English and two Filipino dialects now feels ordinary.

Kate was here in Zaanse Schans, home of the historic Dutch windmills.

Check out Wouter’s YouTube channel here. Dank je!

Zaanse Schans is located at Zaandam, Netherlands.

Video recording date: September 15, 2018