[Vlog] Cats of Athens

The first thing I noticed when I went to Athens for the first time is…

They have a lot of cute stray cats!

This majestic-looking cat is one of the strays the lurk around Acropolis, Greece.

The good side is: These cats are pampered by tourists and animal welfare groups. They’re the guardians of tourists spots like the Acropolis and the official rodent hunters of the parks.

The bad side: They’re abandoned pets with no permanent home. They seek shelter in parks, subways and other places they can squeeze into. Not every cat gets fed, neutered, or attended to by the volunteer groups. Watch my vlog below:

If you’re in Athens and you would like to volunteer, or better yet, adopt your own feline friend, get in touch with these groups:

Cat Rescue Athens
Nine Lives Greece
Greek Cats

Otherwise, they will continue to be homeless and seek shelter in grocery stores, subways, or in the streets. Please adopt a cat. I already have 9!