[Vlog] Shoving My Way For A Photo With The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

When I first stepped into Piazza del Duomo, my mouth dropped at the sight of a phenomenon. I’m not talking about the leaning tower itself, but the flock of tourists who come to Pisa for the main purpose of trying to get the most creative photo with the tower. Making it look like you are preventing the tower from falling is for beginners, missy! I’ve seen people fight tooth and nail for the perfect, photobomber-free shot.

Location: Pisa, Italy (Fall 2018). Click play to watch the vlog.

How did all this craziness start? Construction of the tower began in 1173. The Tower of Pisa started leaning by 1178 and was completed in the mid-1300s.

But it wasn’t until the 1900s that mass-produced cameras were invented. Somewhere along the way, one brilliant person decided, “Hey, take a clever photo of me looking like I’m trying to keep the tower from falling!”

Kate was here in Pisa, Italy.

From this angle, the tower is leaning to the left. In most published photos, it leans to the right. If you look closely at the humans below, many have their hands raised, trying to get a creative photo with the tower. On the left is the Square of Miracles. Trivia: The Tower of Pisa is also known as the bell tower, or campanile.

Fast-forward to the Instagram era and here we are. Buses upon buses of tourists arrive in Piazza del Duomo daily. More than photographing that clever perspective, your biggest hurdle is to snap that photo without all the photobombers—dozens of other irritated and impatient tourists with the same idea as you. Good luck!

Do you have any unique photographs with the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Share your links in the comments section below. How many people did you fight and shove just to get that photo?