Kate was here in Paris.

[Vlog] Don’t Skip Europe’s Free Walking Tours

If you’re visiting a European city for the first time and you have only a day or a few hours to see as much as you can, I highly recommend…

Free walking tours!

Technically, free walking tours aren’t actually free. They’re gratuity-based. You sign up for free, but by the end of the 3-hour tour, you decide how much it’s worth. Sounds fair, right? The average tip I gave was 10 Euros per tour.

There are many groups that offer walking tours in Europe, but my personal favorite is Sandemans Tours. It’s reliable and super easy to book online. I joined their walking tours in Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris. For Florence, I booked La Bussola Tours. For all the other cities, I went DIY.

Kate was here in Paris.

Sandeman’s tour guides will give you an alternative POV of the city sights, using lots of humor and sarcasm—my kind of tour! Best of all, you get to meet dozens of travelers from around the world.