Taiwan It That Way: Chasing The Backstreet Boys

I’ve been in Taiwan for several days now, and a common question I get from fellow travelers is, “What brings you here?”

My honest-to-goodness answer: Backstreet Boys and Dulan. But let’s focus on BSB for now.

I rarely enlist the help of travel agencies because my pride tells me I can DIY everything. But Jeron Travel offered me a package I could not refuse:

Backstreet Boys concert in Taiwan (front section) + travel!

Kate was here. I love you 4-eva, Nick and Kevin!

Concert tickets are always cheaper in other Asian countries than in Manila (usually half the price—why?!), so Jeron started organizing concert + travel deals, where if you shell out a little more money, you get to explore that country after watching the concert.

In true #KateWasHere fashion, I asked to extend my stay after everybody left, so I can DIY the rest of my trip.

October 22: Backstreet Boys DNA Tour at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan.

I’ve been dreaming about seeing the Backstreet Boys since 1996. My inner teen screamed and danced like a Spice Girl! Click here for my highlights. I’m still torn between Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson. Who’s your favorite Backstreet Boy? Tell me why!