[Vlog] Biggest Toy Vending Machine in Taipei

I thought Japan was the ultimate place for vending machines and UFO catchers, but when I visited Taipei for the first time, I realized it’s also a huge part of their culture.

Standard-sized toy vending machines. Admit it; you gave in to the temptation and got something cute!

While spending many a dollar on capsule toys that will clutter up in my bedroom (I can’t help it; they’re so cute!), I was on a mission to find the biggest toy vending machine in Taipei. Watch my quick vlog:

This is the biggest toy vending machine I’ve seen so far in Taipei. It’s right in front of my hotel Amba in Ximending.
An operator will be there to assist you.

Have you spotted anything bigger? More importantly, how much of your travel money do you spend on toy vending machines? What’s the quirkiest capsule toy you purchased? Send me the links or photos in the comments section.

Month of visit: November 2019