Free Download: Travel Slambook Templates for Instagram Stories

Also known as social distancing bingo, Instagram bingo exploded on social media in March, just as quarantine was being implemented around the world in the time of COVID-19. It may not be the most exciting activity, but it does give people something to do with their friends while maintaining social distance and busting boredom.

Variations of Instagram Bingo appeared in almost every person’s IG story, and I finally saw one that piqued my attention—Instagram slambook pages! It reminds me of my childhood when slambooks were all the rage. Who can forget the most pressing questions of our tweenhood, like “What is your favorite color?” and “Who is your crush?”

Using my good ol’ Photoshop, I designed my own IG slambook templates—all travel-themed, of course! Feel free to download the high-res versions below and share with your friends. Have fun! Most of all, please stay home and stay safe, so we can travel tomorrow.