Donate Your Hair to Cancer Patients in Manila

Locks of Love is the most famous hair donation program in the United States and Canada. While they don’t have a network in the Philippines, we have a few small groups that accept hair donations and create wigs for cancer patients. I first blogged about Makati Medical Center’s hair donation program back in 2016. Since then, I’ve been getting a lot of queries. This year I’ve updated this post to include other organizations.

1. Makati Medical Center. They used to organize a yearly Gift of Your Hair event, but the last one was in 2019. For 2021, they just announced their “Donate Your Quarantine Hair” drive, and they finally accept curly hair! Click here for details.

2. Hair For Hope. Makati-based salon HEADS by Volu-med started this charity unit in 2017. They have a strict process and don’t accept chemically treated and damaged hair. They can cut your hair for you or you can send them your hair via courier. Click here for their rules. You can donate anytime.

3. Kythe-Ateneo’s Hair2Share. Unlike other groups that organize hair donation events only once a year, Kythe accepts donations all year long. Click here for their requirements.

4. Asian Hospital’s Hair to Go, Life to Glow. The last time they organized this event was in 2018 in partnership with Hair For Hope and HEADS by Volu-med.

5. Cuts Against Cancer. As of March 2020, they announced that they are having financial trouble. They are looking to sell the organization to a company, salon, or org that can continue their charitable work or find sponsors to help defray costs.

Types of hair accepted:

1. Some orgs require a minimum hair length of 9 inches, while other prefer 10-12 inches or more. It’s best to check each group’s FAQs. Don’t insist on donating hair that’s a little bit shorter. Grow it out for a few more months.


2. Uncolored hair is preferred, but some groups accept hair that’s colored with only one shade.

3. Straight or wavy hair. Most drives don’t accept naturally curly, kinky, and permed hair. Boo! But once in a while there are groups that will accept naturally curly hair.

4. Some groups accept rebebonded or chemically straightened hair, while others don’t. Again, check each group’s FAQs.

If you pass the requirements, there are three ways to donate:

1. Pre-register and drop by the hair donation event (in the case of Makati Med and Asian Hospital). Come with clean hair and do not apply any hair products. The volunteer hairstylists will cut and style your hair at the event.

2. Schedule a private appointment with the org’s affiliate hair salon (in the case of Hair For Hope). Some affiliate salons charge a minimum fee, while others will cut your hair for free. Come with clean hair and do not apply any hair products.

3. Get your hair cut by your own personal stylist. Give them a list of guidelines (which you can download from each group’s FAQs page) before cutting. Your bundle of hair must be in a ponytail and in a self-sealing plastic bag before you drop it off or send by courier. Check each group’s FAQs to make sure you follow everything to a T. It would be a waste to cut your long locks only to find out that it didn’t meet the requirements and will be thrown away.

Have you ever donated your hair to cancer patients? Tell me about your experience in the comments section below.

First published: April 10, 2016
Updated: March 6, 2019
Updated: May 19, 2020
Updated: February 4, 2021
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  1. Aww the things I’ve done while in lockdown, huhu i cut my hair =( my long hair huhuhu and it was a disaster. hopefully I can donate my hair if I got bored again and this time for a good cause.

  2. Havent tried donating my hair yet but I know a few close friends who did (mga boys pa!)! I always cut my hair short kasi its always dry. Hehe. Kung humaba man and maging pasok sa requirements nila, why not!

  3. hi, thanks for the information above. I had my hair cut really short, but didn’t bundle it together and have not contacted any of the foundations listed here. Is it still possible to donate my hair given the circumstances? I hope my hair can go to someone in need, I actually haven’t done any treatment to my hair apart from haircut since 2013-2014, and the only treatment was dying my hair twice in my 30yrs of life.

        1. Hi, Eden! Just contact the orgs I mentioned in this article. 🙂 Make sure you check their requirements to see if you hair is eligible. Sadly, my curls are not. 🙁

          1. I don’t have hair color,
            And my hair is natural wavy but not super wavy. I keep it long, so I could make them happy.

      1. Hi, is it still acceptable if the colored hair is only at the bottom? cause I didn’t dye my hair again since the last time I dyed it.

  4. I will donate my hair as well when it’s long enough! This will be my tribute to my mother who died with cancer 2 years ago. See yah soon MMC! I’ll let you know kate when it’s ready!

    – tittus

  5. Hi! Just some clarifications, I read some articles saying that colored hairs are not allowed, what if I had my hair colored years ago and now the color was outgrown by my natural hair am I eligible to donate? Are they allowing “semi-wavy” hair? I would love to donate on the next hair donation project.

    1. Yes, semi-wavy hair is allowed. As for previously coloring your hair, as long as you cut out the colored part and donate the natural part, then that’s fine.

  6. Hello!

    I am Yanyan Sanchez, a student-officer at the University of Santo Tomas. I’ve come across this site to look for organizations accepting hair donations for cancer patients since we have a HAIR DONATION EVENT this April 23, 2018 in UST. Kindly let me know when you do 🙂 Thanks

  7. Hello Kat,

    I was browsing google to look where I can donate my hair since I’m planning to have it cut and my hair is alreay below my butt but upon checking, pamelmeroti announced last march that they stopped getting donations as per cuts against cancer manila. do you know any events related to this any time soon?

  8. Hi Kate. I’ve been searching for an institution or center where we can donate the hair of my daughter. She’s turning 8 and only had a haircut once. She’s up for her 2nd haircut and wants it to be donated instead to cancer patients. She wants to help on her own little way. I am super proud of her 🙂

    We went to Papemelroti last night but they said that they’ve suspended their works in accepting hair donations. I havent called Makati Med though. If you heard anything from any group, please let me know. Super thanks!

    1. Hi, Ara. That’s so kind of your daughter! 🙂 I was actually at Makati Med recently and haven’t seen any new posters of hair donation yet.

  9. Hi Kate,

    Good day!

    Just to ask if there’d be upcoming event or activity where I could donate my long hair? And perhaps, I would get n touch with MMC about it as well.

    Hope to hear from you.


    May 🙂

    1. Hi, May. I haven’t heard of any new hair donation activities yet. But if you get any updates from MMC, please let me know, as many of my readers are also asking. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Lea! Please try calling the number I listed above to see if Makati Med will be holding one soon. So far I have no news, but yes, it would be great if the Philippines had something like Locks of Love regularly. 🙂

  10. I have a naturally wavy and colored hair with highlights so I would not be able to donate any hair. But what i can definitely do is offer my service as a nurse. I hope they have another program like this so that I can also share this information with my friends and family.

  11. Hi Kate! Sayang hindi din ako pwede magdonate. Naturally curly din kase buhok ko.
    I love your CurlPower page since hindi din kase ako madalas makakita ng posts/blogs about embracing curly hair.
    Would it be okay na i-link kita sa blog ko? Thanks!

  12. Had to share this! I was planning to cut my hair short kasi super init po lalo na po ngayong summer, ngayon po may mas malalim na reason na ako para magpa-cut ng hair. Thanks to this post ate kate. Will try my to bring my friends with me, baka bet din nila. More hair, the more we share. ???❤

  13. I can def drop by! Thank goodness its my rest day at work. I came across an ad somewhere that papermelroti does this also and donates to I guess a factory who makes wigs if I’m not mistaken but it wasnt really clear but this one isdef worth donating! I have been keeping my hair for running 4years now (dyed with the same color, had occasional salon treatments, I also have my weekly treatments at home, curled) so you can imagine how long it is. If the stylist would say its been damaged for too much use of curling wands atleast its worth the try and I’ll have a happy heart! I’ll let you know Ms. Kate?

  14. I’ve heard of a salon brand doing a charity event like this annually. I’ve always wanted to donate pero matagal humaba ng buhok ko. 🙁

  15. Hmm I dunno if we have something like that here in Davao. I wanna donate though but I’m not sure if they’ll accept my dry curly hair.

  16. I have a long hair, dapat idodonate ko din yung buhok ko dun sa mall na nadaanan ko, nakakalungkot lang kasi willing pa naman ako magdonate kaso di daw qualified yung buhok ko kasi ang dami nang patong ng hair color at puro split ends.

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