Weirdest Things I Purchased Online

Are you online shopping more in quarantine? I’m guilty! You can read up on the psychological and economic reasons why this is happening if you’d like to justify your lockdown splurges. But I’m here to show off the weirdest things I purchased online—items that made me scratch my head and say, “What the heck was I thinking?” or better yet, “I don’t know why I bought this useless crap, but I love it!”

Shop photos
They’re now part of my vanity area.

1. Coffin Cats
Price when I bought it: ₱167 (free shipping that day)
Where I bought it: Shopee
Exact copy:Carrying a Coffin Cat Pen Holder Home Bookshelf Decoration Animal Statue Handmade Doll Decoration Toy Gift
Review: If you’re a crazy dog-cat lady like myself, a collector of quirky items, and are amused by Ghana’s dancing pallbearers, then you might want to add these cats to cart immediately. There are two designs to choose from—four different colored cats with a black coffin or four black cats with a black coffin. For full goth effect, I purchased the latter. In true Shopee and Lazada fashion, I had to browse through dozens of shops because some of them are priced up to P1,000 per set. There’s even a set of pallbearer non-action figures. The cats are supposed to be pen holders, while the coffin can fit a few paper clips, but hey, be as creative as you want.
Do I regret buying this? No! I even bought a second set for my goth friends.


2. Duck Muzzle
Price when I bought it: ₱210 (plus ₱350 shipping fee because I bought several other bulky items)
Where I bought it: Shopee
Exact copy:Quack Quack Mouth Cover Pet Dog Cat Muzzle Duck Anti Bite
Review: One of my dogs is so protective that he lunges at anyone (humans and dogs) he deems a threat, especially when we go for a walk around the neighborhood. My vet suggested this cute, non-threatening muzzle. I got the biggest size in the store, but it’s too tight for my Retriever-sized mutt.
Do I regret buying this? A little bit. I might give it to a friend who has 10 dogs.

Shop photo
My copy

3. Book of Bilins
Price when I bought it: ₱204. The book’s original price is ₱225, but that day I got a discounted shipping fee, flash item discount, and redeemed some Shopee coins.
Where I bought it: Shopee

Exact copy:BOOK OF BILINS Your Ultimate Guide to Libing Well!
Review: Quarantine grief was getting to me, so I started making emergency plans “in case I get COVID.” One of them was buying this book. It’s a Taglish slambook for those who want to make a detailed last will and testament—but with a touch of good ol’ Pinoy humor. You’ll fill up the pages with funeral requests, letters to loved ones, a list of heirs of your possessions, a map to your buried treasure (whether real or imagined), and what you want people to do with your social media accounts when you die.
Do I regret buying this? Not at all. Highly recommended gift for Pinoys!


4. Cat Eyeliner Stencil
Price when I bought it: ₱40 each (free shipping that day)
Where I bought it: Shopee

Exact copy:2Pcs Cat Line Eyeliner Stencils Cat Eyes Shaper Shadow Tool
Review: It’s just a flimsy plastic stencil inserted in cheap cardboard as packaging. It doesn’t even look worth ₱40—maybe ₱10.
Do I regret buying this? Yes. I bought eight sets to give to friends, but I regretted this purchase.

What are the weirdest products you saw or bought online?

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