Upgrading My Vlogging Setup For Only ₱2,305 ($48)

Vlogging and blogging are just hobbies I do on the side, so I never really thought I needed extensive gear except for my Fuji Film XT-100 mirrorless camera, my trusty iPhone, and a Yunteng tripod that has traveled the world with me.

But after a few years of vlogging, I realized it’s time for an upgrade. While I’m not ready to shell out money on a stabilizer and drone (yet!) I’m sick of those cheap knockoff gadget accessories. Are there budget (not to be confused with cheap) brands that offer good quality camera accessories? After digging the interwebs for reviews, I found these:

Version 1: Using my iPhone
Version 2: Using my mirrorless camera

Watch my vlog for the unboxing and setup:

I bought the following from Juan Gadget, an official supplier of China-made gadget accessories that won’t break the bank:

VIJIM By Ulanzi VL81 Bi-Color Fill Light = ₱668 ($14)
Ulanzi MT08 Extension Tripod = ₱477 ($9.86)
Ulanzi PT2 Dual Hot Shoe Mount = ₱305 ($6.30)
Ulanzi ST02 Tripod Mount Adaptor = ₱354 ($7.31)
Boya BY-MM1 Universal Cardioid Microphone = ₱792 ($16)
———————————–Initial Total: ₱2,596 ($54)
+Free Shipping
Shopee Voucher -₱200
Shopee Coins -₱91
———————————–Final Total: ₱2,305 ($48)

Not a bad deal, right?

Where to shop:

1. VIJIM By Ulanzi VL81 Bi-Color Fill Light: Shopee or Amazon
2. Ulanzi MT08 Extension Tripod: Shopee or Amazon
3. Ulanzi PT2 Dual Hot Shoe Mount: Shopee or Amazon
4. Ulanzi ST02 Tripod Mount Adaptor: Shopee or Amazon
5. Boya BY-MM1 Universal Cardioid Microphone: Shopee or Amazon

I’m looking forward to clearer videos and audios with my upgraded vlogging setup. Cheers!

Ring Light with Mirror
K&F Concept KF09-090 Lightweight Aluminum Compact Tripod for Travelling, Vlogging, Photography